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    CHAMP Sports Challenge
    Fitness Activities & Scripture 
    Thank you for joining us!

    Thank you everyone for watching our basketball, soccer, and fitness challenge videos over the last few months! A big thank you to Anders, Bjorn, and Megan with Broman Academy for helping us create these videos! Keep working on your skills! Keep walking with God! And now, please enjoy our final basketball challenge in this series! Make sure to memorize the Bible verse (John 15:1) and post a video in the comment section on our Facebook page. #CHAMPSportsChallenge

    CHAMP Sports Challenge for Thursday, October 15 —

    I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser." — John 15:1

    Questions? CHAMP Contacts: Peter Farynyk & Kelly Lamb at

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    CHAMP Workout Videos
    Stay fit & active this spring
    Workout with CHAMP Fitness instructors!

    Stay fit and active with us this winter! Check out three 20+ minute workout videos created by CHAMP fitness instructors below. We are praying for you and look forward to seeing you soon! Have a great workout!

    Welcome to CHAMP Sports Outreach —

    CHAMP Workout with Janet Baker —

    CHAMP Workout with Debbie Chase —

    CHAMP Workout with Amy Nabors — 

    Questions? CHAMP Contacts: Peter Farynyk & Kelly Lamb at
    Want more info about CHAMP Fitness classes and schedule? Check out: CHAMP Group Fitness

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    CHAMP Group Fitness
    Try your first class FREE! 

    Adults of all ages are invited to our CHAMP Fitness group exercise classes! Enjoy fun and fellowship while improving your overall balance and energy level. Classes include a variety of exercise options with moderate cardio, strength training, and pilates. Try your first class FREE! 

    Cost: $20 per month (payments due on the 1st of each month)

    Time: 10:00–11:00 AM

    Health and Safety Protocols (Updated 5/24/2021) Please do a self-assessment for any symptoms of illness before coming to any CHAMP fitness class. If any symptoms are present, do not come to class.

    Weekly Class Schedule
     Day  Time  Class Type  Location
     Mondays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
     Tuesdays   10:00 AM  Cardio (Pilates on 3rd Tuesdays)  Calvary Life Center, 1300
     Wednesdays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
     Thursdays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
     Fridays  10:00 AM  Strength Training  Calvary Life Center, 1300


    August Fitness

     Date  Teacher
     Friday, August 6 Rose
     Monday, August 9 Rose
     Tuesday, August 10 Chris
     Wednesday, August 11 Debbie
     Thursday, August 12 Janet
     Friday, August 13 Amy
     Monday, August 16 Rose
     Tuesday, August 17 Alice
     Wednesday, August 18 Debbie
     Thursday, August 19 Janet
     Friday, August 20 Amy
     Monday, August 23 Rose
     Tuesday, August 24 Chris
     Wednesday, August 25 Debbie
     Thursday, August 26 Janet
     Friday, August 27 Amy
     Monday, August 30 Sub
     Tuesday, August 31 Chris

    Healthy Hearts Cardio

    This class utilizes a variety of stretches, low-impact aerobics, and muscle conditioning exercises to help increase endurance and develop a strong heart. This class is geared towards active adults.

    Upper Body Strength Training — exercises done while seated or standing
    This class includes stretches, thera-bands, and weighted dowels that can be adjusted to personal strength levels. This class is geared to anyone who wants to focus on upper extremity strengthening. 
    3rd Tuesday of each month *Tuesday, August 17
    This class utilizes a series of nonimpact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.
    *Please bring a mat.

    Please check the CHAMP weather hotline 704.341.5473 on mornings when inclement weather is possible. The weather hotline will be updated by 9:15 AM.

    Questions? Contact Kelly Lamb, 704.887.3689,