Youth Basketball Mini Season 2021

This winter, CHAMP is offering a group-based basketball experience. Players will learn, grow, practice, and scrimmage together within their group. They will stay with the same group throughout the season and will not play against or come into contact with other groups. 


January 25 – February 27, 2021

Program Format

Groups will meet once a week for five weeks. Each meeting will consist of a practice, a devotion, and an inter-group scrimmage. Coaches will mix up players each week to create unique scrimmage opportunities within the group.


Based on current health guidelines, one spectator per player will be allowed.

Programs Offered:

 Age  Day   Time  Place
 5/6 coed  Monday  5:45–7:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 7/8 boys  Monday  5:45–7:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 U18 boys  Monday  7:30–9:00 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 7/8 boys  Thursday  5:457:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 9–11 boys  Thursday  5:45–7:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 U18 girls  Thursday  7:30–9:00 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 7/8 girls  Friday  5:45–7:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 9–11 girls  Friday  5:45–7:15 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 U14 boys  Friday  7:30–9:00 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 5/6 coed  Saturday  9:0010:30 AM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 7/8 boys  Saturday  11:00 AM–12:30 PM   Calvary Life Center Gym
 7/8 girls  Saturday  1:00–2:30 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 9–11 girls  Saturday  3:00–4:30 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 9–11 boys  Saturday  5:00–6:30 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym
 U14 girls  Saturday  7:00–8:30 PM  Calvary Life Center Gym

*U14/U18 will remain in-house this season and will not interact with teams from other leagues.



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    Location, Uniforms, & Weather


    All CHAMP basketball programs will meet in the Calvary Life Center (CLC) gym.


    Purchased uniforms will be distributed by coaches at the first meeting. Uniforms will be used as part of scrimmaging each week.

    Account Credits

    Account credits from Spring 2020 will automatically be applied to Winter 2021 Basketball Season registrations at checkout.


    All players need to bring their own basketball labeled with their name for the skills and drills portion of the meet. 

    Basketball Size Chart 

     Ages 5-6  Size 4  25.5" circumference
     Ages 7-8 boys; 7-18 girls  Size 6  28.5" circumference
     Ages 9-18 boys  Size 7  29.5" circumference

    *A basketball will be provided by CHAMP Sports for the scrimmage portion of the meet.


    Players should bring their own water bottle labeled with their name. Water fountains are out of service at this time. Restrooms are located across from the gym.

    Team Snacks

    Groups will not have snacks at the conclusion of their scrimmage.

    Weather Updates

    CHAMP's website and the CHAMP Weather Hotline (704-341-5473) have up-to-date information in case of inclement weather. Both are updated each weekday by 3:00 PM and on Saturdays by 7:30 AM.


    All CHAMP coaches are volunteers who desire to make a difference for Jesus in the lives of our children and meet the criteria for being a CHAMP coach.

    Group Assignments

    Group assignments/roster are available through the online registration system within one week of the start of the season. The CHAMP office will send an email notification to all the coaches and parents when group rosters are available online.

    For more specific information, see the details for your sport and age division or contact the CHAMP office at 704.341.5387 or


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    Basketball Mini Season
    Winter 2021

    1. Parents must check self and player(s) for any signs of illness before arriving to any CHAMP event. If you or anyone in your household have a raised temperature or any other symptoms of illness, you should not attend any CHAMP events.
    2. If you know that or think that you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past two weeks, do NOT attend any CHAMP event until after a two-week quarantine period has been observed.
    3. Temperature checks will be performed by a coach upon arrival. We will provide non-contact thermometers to the coaches. All players and spectators will have their temperature checked. If temperature is 100.4 or higher, you will not be allowed to attend or participate.
    4. In accordance with Executive Order No. 180, masks must be worn at all time by coaches, spectators, and players. (This is subject to change as new guidance is issued by the governor.) Facemasks will be provided if needed.
    5. Social distancing of at least 6 feet should be observed at all times by all adults and by all players when not directly involved in athletic activity.
    6. Personal hand sanitizer should be applied upon arrival and used regularly during activities. Coaches will be equipped to provide hand sanitizer to those who need it.
    7. Please help us by departing quickly after your program has ended.
    8. Based on current health guidelines, one spectator per a player will be allowed.
    9. For more information about prevention and safety regarding COVID-19, please visit: .
    10. If anyone in a particular group contracts COVID-19 or is thought to have contracted COVID-19, the members of the group will be notified and the group will not meet for two weeks in order to observe a period of quarantine. CHAMP will reschedule the group meetings.