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CHAMP Group Fitness
Try your first class FREE! 

CHAMP Group Fitness

Adults of all ages are invited to our CHAMP Fitness group exercise classes! Enjoy fun and fellowship while improving your overall balance and energy level. Classes include a variety of exercise options with moderate cardio, strength training, and pilates. Try your first class FREE! Ages 18+

Cost: $20 per month (payments due on the 1st of each month)

Weekly Class Schedule

 Day  Time  Class Type  Location
 Mondays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Tuesdays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Tuesdays  10:00 AM  Pilates (on 3rd Tuesday)  Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Tuesdays  11:00 AM  Strength Training   Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Wednesdays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Thursdays  10:00 AM  Cardio  Calvary Life Center, 1300
 Fridays  11:00 AM  Strength Training  Calvary Life Center, 1300

August Fitness

 Date  Instructor
 Monday, August 1  Rose
 Tuesday, Auguat 2  Chris
 Tuesday, August 2  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Wednesday, August 3  Debbie
 Thursday, August 4  Janet
 Friday, August 5  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Monday, August 8  Rose
 Tuesday, August 9  Chris
 Tuesday, August 9  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Wednesday, August 10  Debbie
 Thursday, August 11  Janet
 Friday, August 12  Chris (11:00 AM)
 Monday, August 15  Rose
 Tuesday, August 16  Alice
 Tuesday, August 16  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Wednesday, August 17  Debbie
 Thursday, August 18  Janet
 Friday, August 19  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Monday, August 22  Rose
 Tuesday, August 23  Chris
 Wednesday, August 24  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Thursday, August 25  Janet
 Friday, August 26  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Monday, August 29  Rose
 Tuesday, August 30  Chris
 Tuesday, August 30  Amy (11:00 AM)
 Wednesday, August 31  Rose

Healthy Hearts Cardio
This class utilizes a variety of stretches, low-impact aerobics, and muscle conditioning exercises to help increase endurance and develop a strong heart. This class is geared towards active adults.

Upper Body Strength Training — exercises done while seated or standing
This class includes stretches, thera-bands, and weighted dowels that can be adjusted to personal strength levels. This class is geared to anyone who wants to focus on upper extremity strengthening. 
3rd Tuesday of the month *Tuesday, August 16
This class utilizes a series of non-impact exercises to develop strength, flexibility, and balance.
*Please bring a mat.

Please check the CHAMP weather hotline 704.341.5473 on mornings when inclement weather is possible. The weather hotline will be updated by 9:15 AM.

Questions? Contact Kelly Lamb, 704.887.3689, klamb@calvarychurch.com