<p>CHAMP Group Fitness<br />
Options for all fitness levels<br />
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CHAMP Group Fitness
Options for all fitness levels
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CHAMP Group Fitness

Adults of all ages are invited to our CHAMP Fitness group exercise classes! Come enjoy fun and fellowship while improving your overall balance and energy level. Classes include a variety of exercise options with moderate cardio and strength training. Try your first class FREE!

10:00–11:00 AM | Tuesdays
Janet Baker, Instructor
This class offers segments of cardio, muscle toning, and stretching all set to energetic Christian music. 
Healthy Bodies
11:15 AM–12:00 PM | Tuesdays
Catherine Atwood, Alice Furr Instructors
This class includes floor and standing exercises that focus on toning, stretching, breathing, and balance. Come strengthen your limbs, spine, and core muscles. Bands, light weights, and mats will be used. For active adults of all ages.
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM • Thursdays
Janet Baker, Instructors
This hybrid class begins with cardio and then shifts to core strength training.
Healthy Hearts
10:00–11:00 AM | Mon-Wed-Fri
Debbie Chase, Personal Trainer and Instructor, Crystal Crawford, Chris Linke, Rose Tom Instructors
This class utilizes a variety of stretches, low-impact aerobics, and muscle conditioning exercises to help increase endurance and develop a strong heart. Class is geared towards active adults.
Upper Body Strength Training
11:15 AM–Noon | Mon-Wed-Fri 
Amy Nabors, Occupational Therapist and Instructor
Exercises for upper extremity strengthening are done while seated or standing. Class includes stretches, use of thera-bands and weighted dowels that can be adjusted to personal strength levels. This class is geared towards anyone who wants to focus on upper body strength training. 

Classes cost $20 per month; fee provides unlimited monthly class access. All classes meet in the Calvary Life Center, room 1300.

Register in-person at your first class.