CHAMP Coach Pitch

CHAMP offers a coed Coach Pitch baseball league for kids ages 7–8. Usually 12 players are assigned to a team.  Please note, Coach Pitch baseball is offered during the spring season only. 

Teams practice one night during the week and play one game each Saturday. Practice night preference can be selected through online registration.

Cost: $130

Details: Practices and games will be held at Calvary.

Uniform & Equipment

CHAMP provides a full uniform for each player, as well as league bats, balls, and field equipment. Players must provide baseball gloves.

A team will bat until either 3 outs or 5 runs have been scored. If the batter drives in run #5 and the ball is still live, or in the field of play, the runners may advance normally and may attempt to score. A maximum number of 8 runs are allowed in a single inning under this scenario. The limit on runs is not applicable in the sixth inning- or the last inning as designated by the umpire. Teams shall not start a new inning if the "visitor" team is batting with less than 10 minutes until next scheduled game.

All players must bat in sequence regardless of whether they played in the field.

Each player must play at least three innings.

Play will be stopped when the ball is in the possession of any defensive player in the infield and the offensive runners are prevented from advancing. The umpire will call the play stopped and should do so to assure that abnormal advancing of bases is prohibited.

Coaches will be limited to 7 pitches or 4 swings per batter whichever occurs first. No walks are permitted. A foul ball (on the last strike) cannot end a batters at-bat. At the conclusion of the batters ‘at bat’, the catcher or ‘backup’ coach will remove any stray balls in the batting box or running areas. Coaches will be allowed to pitch underhand to batters that have been reviewed with the opposing coach prior to the game.